Mobile Veterinary Service in Berlin
Dr. med. vet. Wilhelm Haas - General Veterinarian


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What are the benefits of house calls?
Less stress for pet and owner. Lot of pets don't travel well; they become nervous and carsick. There's a lower risk of being exposed to infections, especially for very young or very old pets (immunity). A housecall offers you greater freedom in scheduling appointments and will work around your schedule. Examination and treatment are in the pet's normal environment, where it feels safe and is unable to hide any symptoms.

What about surgery and x-Rays?
I provide surgeries, x-rays, ultrasound and dental work at affiliated veterinary practices. Patients are picked up at your home the morning of the procedure, and delivered home to you after OP or whatever else.

What type of pets are treated?
Only dogs and cats

What about emergencies?
A Pet House Call is not an emergency service.
I'm working on an appointment basis only.

What about fees?
Payment is expected at the time services are rendered:
cash, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA.
If requested we will provide you with an estimate prior to treatment.

Which areas are served?
The greater area of West-Berlin with emphasis on Charlottenburg-Wimersdorf, Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Tempelhof-Schöneberg, and the Southern surroundings.

What are our hours?
Normally we provide house calls from 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday.


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